Wednesday, 1 October 2014

This, that and other things!

Life, work and house hunting have been getting in the way of my creative pursuits these last couple of weeks. I really didn't manage to squeeze in much sewing at all. What little I did achieve is secret stuff, so I've compiled a few non stitchy photos from the last week, just to prove I am still here.
The other day I noticed a lovely smell as I wandered out to the garage to get garden tools.
I'm so pleased I decided to leave those familiar looking leaves!
 The thing with gaining someone else's garden, is you just don't know what is there.
I was sure the leaves would become something nice, I just couldn't put my finger on what.
The smell gave it away, hiding amid the fern and the parsley, I found freesias.
I've been spending quite a bit of time in the garden. The warmer weather means more weeds. I also planted some spuds! I didn't go out and get seed potatoes, these were some that had sprouted in the pantry. I figured I would put them into the ground and see what happens. They may or may not grow. Either way I'm not fussed. Tony thinks it's not worth putting in any veggies this year as he is hoping we will not be here to benefit from them.
More about that later.
I'm still enjoying baking at least once a week. Today is the day!! But not until I scoot out for more eggs!
Do you remember I asked about nut roll tins?
Well I found some and I baked with them.
 The recipe I found says to use two tins and only to half fill them.
 I did think to line the sides, but not the end! The cake was stuck in the end, but thats ok, I managed to get it out and know for next time. Oh yes, there will be a next time. This date and walnut roll was YUM!
 They didn't last long enough!
About an hours drive South of Timaru is a town called Oamaru.
There is a fantastic fabric shop there! But alas, we were there on Sunday.
How ever, Steampunk HQ was open.
What an amazing place.  There are more photos, but I'll save those, maybe I'll need them another time.
It wasn't until after we hit the road, that I remembered that Shirley is now living in Oamaru! Next time we head South, we will get in touch first. :-)
Shirley and I met a few years ago, when she was on her grand tour. She visited the Isle of Man and stayed with us for a few nights. It will be good to catch up with her again.
I was hoping to be able to spend time sewing this week, but that just hasn't happened. I've had appointments and things to do, along with an extra shift at work, helping out when a colleague was taken ill. I have also been catching up on the housework that didn't get done last week, when Tony was home ill. Apparently housework makes a noise! LOL
Maybe today, after I bake I'll be able to settle and sew for a while.
We have been looking at houses, hoping to find the right one to be our forever home. There have been some that he likes, but I don't. And there are some that I like, but he doesn't. And there were a few that we both looked into and said no!
Tonight, when Tony gets home we are off to view another place. I like the look of it, from the outside and the agents photos. I get the feeling Tony is lining me up for a no. 
Til next time. :-)

Monday, 22 September 2014

Holiday weekend.

Here in NZ we have a public holiday today. (Monday), well some of us do.
It is South Canterbury day, and as we live in South Canterbury, today is a holiday.
Which means just another day for me, but my Hunney gets to have a day off work.
Good thing really, he has flu.
He is not one to moan and complain, he really doesn't do the whole getting ill thing.
So when he says he doesn't feel well and thinks he has a temperature, I sit up and listen.
Get well soon my love.
So while he had a lazy day on the sofa yesterday, I got on and sewed!
It's all secret stuff, so I can't show you much, but I can let you have little peeps.
I used these fabrics.
 Do you like my light box? There are three different yellow flowers out there.
The only one I recognise is Forsythia!
There is also another Rhododendron, a white one this time.
 What ever I'm sewing, will have this sewn on somwhere.
 A quick selfie, to prove I really was in my play room.
And to show of my new specs.
What do you think?
 By the time I served up roast beef dinner all the piecing and hand stitching was completed.
Now I just have to layer and quilt it.
Then it's on to the next secret project.
And onto something that is not so secret.
Sleepy has grown somewhat.
I have reached the farthest right side of the pattern.
She really is a joy to stitch and I found it a difficult choice yesterday, knowing I have to get on with secret Christmas stuff, but itching to stitch on Sleepy.
Maybe if I do a small Christmas item today, I'll have time to stitch on sleepy later.
Sounds like a good plan.
I'm meeting a friend for my walk today, that will be nice. Occasionally Tony joins me, but usually I walk alone.
I also have laundry and baking to do.
Have you heard of 'Nut Roll Tins'?
I never had, until two weeks ago.
I'll take pictures. :-)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Secret stuff.

I applied to join in with a certain Christmas swap again this year, after 2 years off. Part of the application process was to let the organisers know who I have previously swapped with.
That was fun, going back through my old blog posts and finding them.
Of course the ornaments I have received are pulled out of their protective wrapping and added to the tree every Christmas! Pincushions are in constant use as are bags and beautifully covered folders. Many items in my sewing room, kitchen and around my home are the result of swaps. There are so many I have forgotten which swap! So it was good to go back and see where much loved items have come from.
It was also a good exercise to look back and see what I have gifted in previous swaps.
Sometimes I feel that my efforts are perhaps not quite as good as I would like them to be, but they are always gratefully received.
I love being a part of this worldwide crafting community, it has made a huge world, a much smaller and very friendly place.
So, all of that said, I spent a couple of hours this morning sewing away at secret stuff. I don't know who my partner will be, but I do know that there are certain items I must include in my package, so making a start on those is a good idea.
As I can't show secret stuff here, I'll post and updated picture of Sleepy instead. 
It was terribly exciting the other day to be finished with those blues and be able to change colour groups. :-)
All of the dots/holes will be filled later with beads. 
Did I mention that there are lots of beads in this design?
I think I'll spend the afternoon with sleepy.
Sounds like a plan?

Friday, 12 September 2014

I sewed!

But only a little.
The other day I sat here, with this lovely view and played with my recent Kiwiana fabric purchase.
The black birds and starlings kept me company, hopping about patrolling the lawn.
I must get back to that project, it should be a quick finish, but this beautiful weather we're having is getting me out and about enjoying the sunshine.
 I had to take photos as evidence for those back on the Isle of Man.
Look! 38 degrees yesterday afternoon!
Today is shaping up to be a good one too. 9.30 am and it was over 21 degrees outside.
I'm off to work a late shift today, so won't be spending much time out enjoying the sun.