Sunday, 7 February 2016

Keeping up with the greenhouse.

 The recent spell of very warm weather has meant a big glut of tomatoes in our green house.
We're eating them as fast as we can.
Tomato salad with everything and sliced tomatoes with everything else.
I even gave a bag full away!
But we still have loads.
Well, had!
This morning I turned 2.5 kilos of tomatoes into soup and pasta sauces.
I'll freeze these wee pots and use them up over the cooler weather.
A delicious taste of summer, perfectly preserved in our freezer.
On a crafty note.
Tea Roses is about 2/3 done now.
And will grow some more this afternoon.
I've been able to source the thread I need for the 'Happily ever after' sampler.
It's coming all the way from the USA.
Of course I can't order just one thread to travel alone all that distance.
I had to add a few items to the package. 
Hopefully it will arrive, just before I finish the roses.
Oh! And I've pulled out my next large project.
I'll show it off soon.
Time to sew.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Oh no!

 I ran out of thread!
How frustrating.
I have only four and a bit letters to go, and I ran out of thread.
I'm struggling to find it here in NZ.
A lady who lives here in town has recently stitched this same design and has promised to have a look and see if she has any of this colour left. (It's a hand dyed colour.) Otherwise, I'll have to wait for more to arrive from the US.
Meanwhile the roses I showed last time, have barely moved! LOL
I'll get back to them later today and hopefully have some progress to show soon.
I haven't really had a huge amount of time for the fun stuff this week. I've had  quite a few chores to do between work shifts and we had a very nice day yesterday, so we were out in the garden, trying to catch up. I had a big tidy up in the green house and brought in loads of tomatoes. There is no way we can keep up, trying to eat them now, so yesterday I made a big batch of pasta sauce and froze it. When I'm ready to use it, I just need to use it like the jars and tins we get at the shops.
The leeks are coming along nicely and the spring onions are as big as the leeks!
There are lots of baby pumpkins. Some capsicum in red, green and banana yellow varieties. Some chilli peppers and cucumbers and my sweetcorn is on it's way too. 
At dinner last night I was able to serve up homegrown silver beet, green beans and broccoli.
Well, if I want time for stitching later I have to go do the boring stuff now.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Ta, Daaaa!

Sleeping Beauty
Is finished
I started her on 29th August 2014 and finished her yesterday on 24th January 2016.
Phew! That took a while. But to be fair, I have worked on other projects in that time and had a life too!
So, as celebration for a finish, I get a new start!
 Tea Roses was adopted.
I had a good look at what the previous stitcher had done, about a quarter of the project, and I decided to start again.
After close inspection under my daylight lamp I could see that some of the threads were mixed up and in the wrong places.
 I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there are enough left, especially of the greens, to complete the design. As the threads I have in my collection are somewhat different. Due to dye lots I guess.
The fabric I'm working on is a piece I brought with me from GB. I've had it stashed for a long time, probably about 10 years. LOL
It's a bit wishy washy in these images, I promise you, it's very pretty and perfect for a flower/garden picture.

Monday, 18 January 2016

A wet weekend.

Means a whole weekend in my PJs.
We decided to have a quiet weekend at home, just the two of us.
Tony played war games on play station with my brother back in Britain, while they were both awake, and while my brother slept, Tony and I watched movies, while it rained outside.
Throughout all of that, I stitched.
And stitched.
And stitched.
Sleepy is very near to completion.
 Just one corner left to go.
 I have no work today, and it's raining again!!
I see some stitching happening this afternoon, once I have done my chores.
And finally.
One of my postal gifts must have gotten lost on the way.
It finally arrived at it's destination last week.
Janice, I'm sorry you had to wait sooooooo long.
Now that it has arrived I can show the picture I took of all the ornaments I made to swap this year.
The black one is for a lady who doesn't really do Christmas trees and pretty ornaments.
But she loved that I made one especially for her.